Brent Jackson

Brent Jackson

Chief Financial Strategist

I was born in Bloomington, Indiana but moved to Findlay, Ohio just in time to begin Kindergarten at Liberty-Benton School.  My father was a Labor Relations Manager for RCA, while my mom stayed home to raise my brother Bryan, sister Julie, and myself. 


Growing up, staying busy was not a problem for us.  We were active in sports and all had a love for the outdoors, specifically, being on the water.  Some of my best memories come from the days we spent boating, water skiing, tubing, fishing and swimming with friends and family. 

As I got older, my parents did a great job of making it clear that my social activities were going to be “self-funded”. 


I certainly didn’t see it this way at the time, but this is where I learned the value of hard work, something I am truly grateful for.  An entrepreneur at heart, my first business was mowing lawns in the neighborhood.  Of course, it was with my father’s push mower which I towed behind from the back of my bike.   When I got to high school, I got a job at Sur-Sav supermarket where I continued to work until I graduated.


My “college experience” was not the typical one.  I had to pay for my college which meant working while going to school.  As a result, I got a job at Society Bank (now Key Bank) where I began as a teller.  In addition to this being my first exposure to the financial services world, they had a generous tuition reimbursement program.  College life for me at BGSU, meant work, classes, study, repeat. 


After college I went immediately to work for Prudential Financial as an advisor.  That experience helped me hone my skills over the next 12 years and provided me the tools I needed to launch the independent firm of Jackson and Ruppright Financial Wealth Management in 2007.  After the retirement of my partner in 2016, we became Jackson Wealth Management. 


At Jackson Wealth Management, we are a wealth advisory team that works with people who need more than just investment advice. Our team is well-suited for individuals who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but for those that have a solemn sense of pride and accomplishment from their years of hard work and sacrifice. We believe that those individuals deserve a team that works as hard for them as they have worked for others by guiding them through our Chart Your Course process.


Today, I am happily married to my wife Ann and proud father of three amazing children, Britton, Morgan and Addie.  Britton is a Petroleum Engineer, who lives with his wife Chayse in Arlington Texas.  Morgan, is working toward her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Addie attends Trine University where she is running hurdles for the women’s track team (Go Thunder!).  Just like my childhood, all of us have a love and passion for the water.  It’s why gathering with family with friends at our place on Rose Lake is so special.  You might find us, sky skiing, wake surfing, sailing, cruising on a jet ski, or just enjoying company as we anchor on the lake.